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Applied Sports Science newsletter, March 31, 2015

Applied Sports Science news articles, blog posts and research papers for March 31, 2015 New blog post yesterday at Last Week in Applied Sports Science, 3/22-3/28     Rodney Hood Talks About His Injury, Duke’s NCAA, The Jazz And More Dime Magazine from March 30, 2015 If you’ve never had plantar fasciitis, I sincerely […]

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Last Week in Applied Sports Science, 3/22-3/28

This offseason has been another landmark time in the sports concussion discussion, mostly because the bad news continues to pile up: Football Retirements in National Footbal Post Substandard Hockey Helmets on ESPN, Outside the Lines Baseball Hitters’ Performance Declines in The New York Times Women’s Soccer Concussions in The Daily Tar Heel Rugby Concussion Protocols reported by Reuters Media has […]

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