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NYU Data Science newsletter – May 28, 2015

NYU Data Science Newsletter features journalism, research papers, events, tools/software, and jobs for May 28, 2015 GROUP CURATION: N/A   Data Science News Introduction to Neural Machine Translation with GPUs (part 1) | Parallel Forall Nvidia, Cuda Zone from May 27, 2015 Neural machine translation is a recently proposed framework for machine translation based purely […]

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Applied Sports Science newsletter – May 28, 2015

Applied Sports Science news articles, blog posts and research papers for May 28, 2015   Uber-Prepared | NBC SportsWorld NBC Sportsworld from May 22, 2015 … Djokovic could and should leave Paris with the Coupe des Mousquetaires – his professional holy grail — for only one reason. He is prepared. Uber-prepared. More prepared than perhaps […]

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