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Out of chaos, improvement

Six weeks ago the sports world was full of optimism. Major sports were in playoffs (MLB), in training (NBA, NHL), in early-season (Premier League, NFL) or in the case of USMNT, beginning a new World Cup cycle. Since that time, lots of teams have seen their master plans implode, their best players get hurt and […]

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The Inaugural Georgia Tech WCC Forum

Georgia Tech launched the new Wearable Computing Center, a research hub for inter-disciplinary wearables research and applications, this past June and the group held its first event yesterday, November 11, the WCC Forum. The vast range of computing research and applications can sometimes make it difficult for likeminded people, whether in industry, academia or elsewhere, to […]

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Accountability and Applied Sports Science

No professional likes to have her or his competence challenged, but there are always going to be collaborators that are better than others. Applied Sports Science depends on successfully integrating athletic training and sport coaching with clinical and technical disciplines. Failure can be measured in two ways: losses and injuries, and the two often go together. […]

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