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Sports Science: Week in Review, Jan 30-Feb 5

The Future Has Arrived. It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed Yet. – William Gibson The quote is often cited in advanced technology circles but as technology inevitably spreads throughout culture and commerce the statement’s basic truth is happening in sports. The most prominent example in sports of the future’s uneven distribution is coaching. Coaches are changing, […]

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Data Science newsletter – February 28, 2017

Newsletter features journalism, research papers, events, tools/software, and jobs for February 28, 2017 GROUP CURATION: N/A     Data Science News Julia motivation: why weren’t Numpy, Scipy, Numba, good enough? Community – JuliaLang, Stefan Karpinski from February 22, 2017 It’s entirely possible that if the SciPy ecosystem had been as well developed in 2009 as […]

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Applied Sports Science newsletter – February 28, 2017

Applied Sports Science news articles, blog posts and research papers for February 28, 2017   Bryce Harper says, ‘I don’t look ahead.’ That seems like good advice. The Washington Post, Barry Svrluga from February 23, 2017 … “I get it,” Harper said Thursday, sitting at a table on a patio outside the Nats’ cafeteria here, […]

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