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Data Science newsletter – May 2, 2017

Newsletter features journalism, research papers, events, tools/software, and jobs for May 2, 2017 GROUP CURATION: N/A     Data Science News Data Visualization of the Week Twitter, Conrad Hackett from April 26, 2017 Tweet of the Week Twitter, Ryan North from April 24, 2017 Scalable Genomics Data Processing Pipeline with Alluxio, Mesos, and Minio Minio, […]

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Applied Sports Science newsletter – May 2, 2017

Applied Sports Science news articles, blog posts and research papers for May 2, 2017   Serena Williams and Gayle King: On tennis, love and motherhood from April 28, 2017 Twenty-three Grand Slam titles later, tennis superstar Serena Williams sits down with journalist Gayle King to share a warm, mischievous conversation about her life, love, […]

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