Sports Science: Week in Review, Dec 26-Jan 1

The holidays brought out a bunch of “the year in consumer technology” articles. Some focused on wearable personal health technology. Consumers and consumer technology play an important part in shaping sports science and athletes’ technology.

User interfaces for athletes’ technology are, in general, poor, like you expext with early-stage technologies. Lousy interfaces also describes most consumer health technologies, but consumer devices, given their larger markets, benefit from greater resources for interaction design, usability and engineering.

Consumer health technology interfaces are important starting points for athletes’ interfaces. They are going to evolve together but remember that all of these devices are new technologies and they will improve. It’s easy to point out the flaws when you trace back the usability and adoption problems. It’s harder to create designs that anticipate the long-term habits that these technologies will change in people and in athletes. Read more:

More things that I read and liked last week:


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