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Applied Sports Science newsletter, February 23, 2015

Applied Sports Science news articles, blog posts and research papers for February 23, 2015 New blog post yesterday at Last Week in Applied Sports Science, 2/15-2/21     A healthy outlook ESPN Wisconsin from February 20, 2015 The Packers’ altered approach to injury prevention paid big dividends in 2014, and the team is hoping […]

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Bulls 112 Suns 107

Chicago bench put the Bulls ahead during early-4Q with Brooks-Snell-Mirotic-Noah-Gibson. The Bulls dispersed the minutes more than usual, with good results. The Suns best players, Bledsoe-MarkieffMorris-Knight, had too many turnovers and misses. That is, I think, a sign that Phoenix is figuring things out and should improve rapidly.

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Pistons 100 Bulls 91

Dinwiddie came through for Detroit with positive minutes and a strong 3Q as starter. It is a good sign for the Pistons if Dinwiddie plays well enough to keep Lucas on the bench. Terrible 3Q by Chicago starters, Dunleavy-Gasol-Rose-Noah-Butler.

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