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Sports Science: Week in Review, Feb 6-Feb 12

Sports science can help any athlete but larger impacts come at younger ages. Youth development: LA GALAXY OC’s WOODCOCK ON WHAT COACHES LOOK FOR AT YOUTH SOCCER TRYOUTS (GoalNation, Diane Scavuzzo) An athlete‚Äôs age may be less important to performance than persistent practice (The Denver Post, Ginny McReynolds) Sporting KC focuses on youth academy to […]

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Sports Science: Week in Review, Jan 30-Feb 5

The Future Has Arrived. It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed Yet. – William Gibson The quote is often cited in advanced technology circles but as technology inevitably spreads throughout culture and commerce the statement’s basic truth is happening in sports. The most prominent example in sports of the future’s uneven distribution is coaching. Coaches are changing, […]

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