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Amy Cragg Withdraws from the 2020 Olympic Trials, But Says She’ll Be Back

Women's Running, Erin Strout from

Recovering from the flu and overtraining syndrome, Amy Cragg is unable to race for a spot to compete at the Tokyo Games. But her career isn’t over.

Amy Cragg, who won the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials, announced on Thursday that she will not compete on February 29 for a spot on the 2020 U.S. Olympic marathon team, due to illness.

It was a heartbreaking decision for Cragg, a member of the Bowerman Track Club, to make alongside her support team, but since 2018 she said she’s struggled with health concerns that were difficult to diagnose, likely a result of overtraining during the peak of her best marathon performances.


How world champion swimmer Kylie Masse grew up on the ice, Kristina Rutherford from

… “We were out there all the time,” Kylie says. “I remember every night my dad would be outside flooding it for it to freeze overnight. He did a lot of work on that rink, and we were so lucky to have it. A lot of the neighbourhood kids would come over to play, too.”

Hockey was huge in the Masse family. Saturday nights were spent watching the Toronto Maple Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada. Weekend days were spent in the old LaSalle barn, with all three kids playing for local teams. Kylie, the middle child, played house league hockey until she was 12.

That’s when she made a decision that has panned out famously: Masse stopped playing organized hockey in the winter and soccer in the summers to focus her efforts on swimming, year-round.


NFL players react to CBA proposal: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers among those who strongly oppose deal, Sean Wagner-McGough from

Early Wednesday morning (some might prefer to call it late Tuesday night), after a four-hour meeting between the NFL Management Council Executive Committee and NFL Players Association, the NFLPA’s board of player representatives decided to send the proposed CBA to the players for a vote, where a simple majority is needed for ratification.

There’s no way to know how an entire league’s worth of players feel about the proposal, especially considering all of the details haven’t even been released, but on Wednesday morning, a few notable players took to Twitter to announce their displeasure with the proposed CBA.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has revealed that he is voting no and he urged his fellow players to look toward the NBA and MLB as they negotiate a new CBA.


Ancelotti Outlines Managerial Philosophy

Everton Football Club from

… Ancelotti detailed how establishing strong relationships with his players and staff is central to his philosophy.

“I like to treat not only the players, but the all people who work with me at the Club, as a person,” he said.

“It’s funny, if you ask a player, ‘Who are you?’, They say, ‘I am a football player’. No, you are a man that plays football.


Tryout Energizes Karch Kiraly | U.S. Women’s National Team Tryout

YouTube, USA Volleyball from

Karch Kiraly, Dani Drews (University of Utah), and Ella May Powell (University of Washington) discuss how the U.S. Women’s National Team Tryout went for them. [video, 1:53]


Rise above it or drown – How elite NBA athletes handle pressure

ESPN NBA, Jackie MacMullan from

… Earlier in [Steph] Curry’s career when the game was tight and he was on the bench, former Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart noticed that Curry’s leg would quiver. “It was almost like a nervous twitch,” Curry reports.

Smart offered a suggestion to Curry: Purposely tense all the muscles in his body, hold it, feel the stress, then suddenly release.

“You start with every muscle you think you can control in a neutral position, and then when you tighten them, I think your body thinks, ‘Well, this is as stressed as your body can be,'” Curry explains. “So when you let all that go, maybe that’s how the endorphins kick in.

“I don’t know if it was based on science or something [Smart] actually did as a player, but it worked.”


Stretchable, wearable coils may make MRI, other medical tests easier on patients

Purdue University, Research Foundation News from

Anyone who has had a mammogram or an MRI knows how uncomfortable and awkward the tests can be. Now, Purdue University researchers have taken technology used in the defense and aerospace industries to create a novel way of doing some medical imaging.

One reason the tests are uncomfortable is that they often use rigid radio-frequency (RF) coils to detect signals from the body. Now, the Purdue team has developed RF coils that are formable and stretchable.

“Imagine going for an imaging session and they strap on a comfortable fabric with the coils embedded inside,” said Joseph Rispoli, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering and electrical and computer engineering in Purdue’s College of Engineering. “We created an adaptable, wearable and stretchable fabric embroidered with conductive threads that provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio for enhanced MRI scanning.”


AI and the “Holy Grail” of video editing – Vilynx

Vilynx from

Last year, the technology director at one of our broadcast partners described their video workflow dream. He outlined what he called the “Holy Grail” of automatic video editing — a system that could:

  • Receive a full, uncut video (for instance, an entire news broadcast)
  • Analyze it and determine where segments begin & end
  • Write a short description of each segment
  • Cut and publish them as clips
  • …automatically, of course.
  • Today we’re excited to share a bit about what we call topic segmentation, a key component (step #2) of the AI-assisted video editing scenario described above.


    5 things to know about California’s athletic trainer license bill

    KCRA, Vicki Gonzalez from

    … AB 1665, authored by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, would create the Athletic Trainer Practice Act, require licensing for athletic trainers and add a new regulatory board to the Department of Consumer Affairs.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    1) There is a gray area with athletic trainers [video, 2:25]


    Smart reason why Yankees waited to give Luis Severino the MRI that revealed injury, Brendan Kuty from

    … So, why did the Yankees wait until late February to give Severino a dye contrast MRI?

    Why not do it sooner, especially considering Severino started feeling soreness in his forearm last October, when the Yankees were facing the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series?

    According to a doctor, dye contrast MRIs present their own problem.

    Since they require an injection of dye, they “can sometimes inflame the joint,” Dr. Laith Jazrawi, chief of the division of Sports Medicine at NYU Langone Sports Health, told NJ Advance Media on Tuesday.



    Barca Innovation Hub, Javier Granda Revilla from

    One of the key concepts in current sports nutrition is periodization. Nutritional periodization involves merging it with other physical and mental training strategies.

    Periodization involves, providing athletes with meals that fit their needs for different moments throughout the day as well as allowing to create immune, metabolic and muscular adaptation strategies, during rest periods and also for cognitive aspects which respond to a scheduled plan or strategy.

    Periodization involves eating in a way which adapts to the different intensities for preseason, during competition or throughout the day, always looking for a correct adaptation and enhancement.

    Following this idea, different strategies are created using different ingredient proportions, according to the goal in mind. These goals can vary, such as adjusting body composition or accelerating recovery. For female athletes, it could be to adjust the carbohydrate intake to their cycle.


    Montreal Impact counting on tactics to bridge fitness gap in Concacaf Champions League second leg with Saprissa, Tristan D'Amours from

    Head coach Thierry Henry was the first to admit that his Montreal Impact team did not have the fitness level to match that of Deportivo Saprissa in their Concacaf Champions League clash last week.

    “They didn’t have 90 minutes in them,” Henry said. “Everybody knew. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact.”

    Henry gave credit to Saprissa and their head coach Walter Centeno for how they played in the second half. The Frenchman said that his counterpart changed tactical formations four times during the game in order to help his team get the 2-2 first-leg draw.


    Who Has the Most to Gain at the NFL Combine?

    The Ringer, Danny Kelly from

    The measurements and athletic drills are often overrated in importance, but a few players could boost their draft stock with the right performance. From the lower tier of quarterbacks to the speedy receiving group, here are the prospects hoping for a big week in Indianapolis.


    Take a chance on me

    21st Club Limited, Sophie Tomlinson from

    Buying a young player always involves risk. Making a move for them before other clubs means less competition for their signature and often secures a lower price. But judging a player based on limited game time can make getting it wrong all the more likely. As with financial investments, stepping into the market for young talent can be viewed in terms of a risk-return tradeoff: pursuing higher returns often requires undertaking a higher level of risk.

    We look at clubs who have successfully positioned themselves at different points along the risk-reward spectrum. One thing links clubs who are successful, regardless of their strategy.


    Soccer-FIFA to launch global review of match calendar

    Reuters, Simon Evans from

    FIFA is to launch a major “once and for all” review of the international match calendar, which governs the dates of major competitions and tournaments, world soccer’s governing body said on Wednesday.

    There have been a number of complaints from coaches, such as Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp, about the scheduling of games and concerns about the increasing number of commitments.

    “The international match calendar plays a central role in the sustainable growth of football in all regions of the world and at all levels,” FIFA said in a new document ‘The Vision 2020-2023: Making Football Truly Global’.


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