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Last Week in Applied Sports Science, 8/3-8/9

NFL, Premier League and College Football are almost here. Skill, luck and sports science will all play roles as teams win, lose and separate into contenders and non-contenders. Columbia University professor and Credit Suisse managing director Michael Mauboussin has been speaking about his book The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck and often bringing up sports in the process. During his […]

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Integrating the Parts of Sports Science

Sports science is interdisciplinary, applied research. Advances come at the intersection between disciplines, just like so much of the progress in the rest of science and technology. An advance like athlete tracking depends on advances in wireless sensor technologies, in data capture and analysis, in exercise science and in coaching strategy before it can gain […]

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The Future of American Sports Science

Sports science now differentiates the best teams in American soccer, football and basketbal, college and professional. And its importance will only increase. In soccer the US Men’s National team was internationally praised as the fittest team in the World Cup. The Seattle Sounders actively monitor player fatigue and injury risk and have the best record in […]

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